Vic Sushi – Takeout – with Brown Rice!

Dinner tonight came by way of my walk to pick it up.  Vic Sushi is a real neighborhood sushi place which is always busy with folks at the sushi bar (which is the only place to sit).  I’ve never actually eaten there as it’s so close, I’d rather just eat at home.  It’s also been fun to watch a non-fish eater (the wife) go from swearing off any item from the sea to actually thinking that ordering sushi is a good idea.

Of course, not all Sushi is acceptable, but we like their iRoll and Birthday rolls as they use soy paper rather than seaweed.  They also have a great deal with the 3 roll special which offers any 3 rolls from a choice of 10 for $10.95.  So 3 rolls from the list and two others and we’re golden.

Also, no rating system yet for food, but I’ll come back to this.  Let’s just say for now that it’s outstandingly fresh fish at a reasonable price.


One thought on “Vic Sushi – Takeout – with Brown Rice!

  1. MMMMMM. Sushi….we love that, and we should definitely try that…is the iRoll an new Mac product, or is it the new add-on to the Wii fit (fat) system?

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