Overpriced Wine By The Glass in Philly Restaurants

I didn’t realized how much my wine was overpriced until I was at the PA State Store yesterday.  On Friday, I had the Crios 2008 Rose of Malbec at Chifa and it was $10 for a glass.  At the state store, the entire bottle is $10.99. I picked up the bottle too and will enjoy it with a more detailed review soon.  This is beyond gouging; restaurants get a 10% break on bottles from the state as they are the only distributor (everyone has to buy from PLCB), so it’s a known that wine prices are marked up in PA and the reason behind so many  BYOB restaurants.

However, with that all said, this means that GRG paid $9.90 for the bottle of wine and broke even on the sale of one glass!  Everything else in that bottle goes to cover operating costs and then directly to the bottom line.  If it were $7 or $8, that would have been a little more reasonable.

From now on, I will only order mixed drinks and beer in PA restaurants and if I want wine, I’ll go to a place where I can bring my own.


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