Great Dinner at the bar: @NobleCookery

We are really spoiled to have so many great restaurants and bars in our area.  When Noble opened, the decision became even harder as they have some masterful mixologists behind the bar.  Regardless of the beer & wine happy hour specials, I seem to gravitate towards their cocktails which, considering the quality and taste are a value at less than $11 for most.

Last night, we had:

  • Beet & Endive salad with blood oranges:  Really liked the flavor profile and the beets were roasted and served in a good sized bite.  It went quickly and wish there was more of it.
  • Sweet Potato & Curry Soup: Just pure Yum.
  • Grilled Flank Steak & Roasted Turnips:  I think it was turnips with the steak…whatever it was, I’d like a bowl of that by itself next time.

All of the bar drinks are great, from the Old Fashioned I had last night made with two types of bitters and their own cherries (not that maraschino crap) to the Rye based beverage I had first.  My other half enjoyed the Bell’s Stout first ($3 during happy hour) and then shifted to a favorite wine; Erath Pinot Gris (Oregon, 2008).


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