Dinner at Fish (Landlubbers need not apply)

I had the pleasure of dining with some colleagues at Fish last night (1708 Lombard St, Phila, PA).  This place is so serious about its seafood offering that if you want chicken or steak, you need to give them 24 hours notice.

So, that wasn’t a problem for me.  Dinner was well executed end-to-end.  Our waitress thoroughly explained everything and her detailed menu descriptions were informative, but made the menu decisions that much more challenging.  While I didn’t eat very much of it, the goats milk butter was really enjoyable: think goat cheese meets creamery butter.

I started with the Lobster (oyster mushroom, salsify, duck fat bearnaise) which was a decent sized Lobster portion for an appetizer, though there never seems to be enough Lobster for me.  This bearnaise may have ruined me on bearnaise for a while; it was rich, yet used judiciously, so as not to overwhelm the well prepared Lobster.  For dinner, I enjoyed the Skate Wing (truffled spaetzle, parmesan broth, melted leeks) which admittedly, I had read about before going to the restaurant.  I understand it’s a mainstay at their sister restaurant, Little Fish and I really enjoyed it.  The most puzzling before it arrived was the parmesan broth and I can’t think of another way to describe it.   Think very light dairy infused with a very sharp parmesan.  The skate was perfectly cooked and the spaetzle was perfect to soak up any remaining broth.

We enjoyed a bottle of Borgo Moncalvo, Dolcetto d’Asti, Piedmont, Italy, 2006 with dinner.  This was a classic Dolcetto as it was light without too much fruit and had a medium tannin finish.  It was a good compliment to our dinners.


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