Dinner part 2, Florentino’s Newtown

We were in the deep suburbs of Philadelphia: Newtown to be exact.  After the reservation debacle at the previous restaurant, we were able to squeeze into Florentino’s (18 South State Street, Newtown) for dinner.  Squeeze is especially appropriate here as there were 6 of us at dinner.  We all brought wine too which will result in a few more, separate posts.

I’d never been to Florentino’s, but thankfully our friends had and steered us all to the right decision on bread.  They serve a whole wheat garlic bread that I’m going to try to recreate.  It’s sliced like a normal loaf of bread into short rounds so it’s easy to eat (and enjoy) a lot of it.  Their simple white loaf was served with a spiced-oil dipping sauce which I would have taken with me if I had the right vessel.

I had my first Caesar salad in a long time and really enjoyed it.  The dressing is made the old fashioned way with egg yolks and I think I tasted a little whole ground mustard too.  It was well dispersed and included a fair amount of fresh Parmesan on top.  For dinner, I enjoyed the Linguine al Frutti di Mare Fradiavolo (shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels & fresh fish sautéed in olive oil, garlic & crushed red peppers, finished with white wine & a splash of our red sauce).  The fish was perfectly prepared, in fact, the chunks of fresh fish could have been my dinner; it was outstanding.  Not to outshine the other components which were all well done, the overall classic fradiavolo was apparent with just a hint of red pepper.  The pasta was equally enjoyable, though I was pretty filled by the fish to really enjoy much of it.

We had to have dessert and ordered the flourless chocolate cake, because really, why let the flour dilute a great chocolate experience?  This was an interesting take on the flourless chocolate cake as it had a dense chocolate-ness, without being dense.  Consistency was more like a souffle than anything, but was enjoyable nonetheless.  It was a sweet end to a very enjoyable dinner with close friends.


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