Montgomery Inn – Ribs & Chicken Galore

We’re in Cincinnati for a wedding and enjoyed dinner at a landmark restaurant last night with the families of the bride and groom.  They had a room at the Montgomery Inn which is apparently well known for its BBQ.  I now see why.

Salads were fine and more of a reason to get the stomach acids ready to process the incoming volume.  On a side note, they served a salted rye bread which was quite enjoyable and believe me when I say that I’ve had my share of rye bread.

On to the main course.  I had the Ribs & Chicken combo plate which was served with a salted baked potato (hopefully my cardiologist doesn’t read this post).  The ribs fell of the bone and were slathered in their homemade bbq sauce.  For as good as the ribs were, the chicken was even better.  Until now, El Pollo Rico held the honor in my mind for best chicken, but the throne has moved.  I’m not sure if the Montgomery Inn brines their chicken, marinates it or just has some very special grill, but the flavor of the grill was pervasive and moist throughout.  Dipping it in BBQ sauce was the icing on the cake.  Speaking of cake, the marble cheesecake was the perfect compliment to the salty goodness that was our dinner.


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