Dinner at Melograno

This wasn’t the first visit to the wonderful BYOB around the corner from us, but it continues to hold up to the hype.  The atmosphere is comfortable and food is continually executed well.  We had dinner there on Friday and brought the aforementioned Two Vines Red to go with our dinner.  It’s always a bit tricky to bring wine because you don’t know what you’re going to eat!

Nonetheless, we did just fine.  The simple bread bowl was solidly complimented by a nutty olive oil dip that was practically drinkable.  We shared the bosc pear carpaccio which was a light salad of thinly sliced pears with pecorino cheese and an aged balsamic syrup.  I liked it, but could have used a bit more cheese.

For dinner, I enjoyed the fish special: Rockfish with Basil Oil (almost a pesto, but not that thick) served with green beans and potatoes.  These were certainly not the green beans and potatoes I ate as a child or at home today, but rather were a great vehicle to transport the remaining basil sauce to my mouth (yum!).  My wife enjoyed the pasta with a spicy pancetta red sauce and my mom had the pork chop.  Both enjoyed their dinners and were left with the always challenging dessert decision.  We opted out of dessert and instead took a stroll around Rittenhouse square and burned off a slice of bread…


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