Dinner @uniontrust – Still Full!

We went to Union Trust (717 Chestnut St) for a serious steak dinner last night.  We had hoped to take advantage of the Philly Steak Month of March, but found out that it’s only Steak Month during the week.  It’s okay, we still enjoyed ourselves.

To start, we had the Tuna Tartar which was freshly chopped and formed into a patty, much like the traditional preparation and served with homemade waffle chips.  It was enjoyable, though I was focused on my King Crab cocktail from Dutch Harbor, Alaska (think Deadliest Catch).  It was awesome: maybe even better than the steak.  One king crab leg with meat chopped into bite size pieces and the lump meat as well served in the leg (half open) and on ice.  My wife who thinks she doesn’t like seafood even thought it was good!

For dinner, we had steak; to be specific, a 6oz Prime Angus Filet and a 14oz Dry Aged (28 days) New York Strip.  The strip may have been one of the most tender and flavorful strip steaks I’ve ever had.  The wife’s filet was uber-tender and great too.  We shared the creamed spinach which had a crunchy topping that made it even better.

I don’t know what we were thinking, but we ordered dessert.  We tried their version of s’mores which is a warm chocolate cake with graham ice cream and ‘marshmallow bites’.  The dessert had potential, but didn’t deliver completely.  The ice cream was very good and tasted like a graham cracker.  The cake, however, wasn’t warm throughout – the center was actually cool.  Their take on a marshmallow bite tasted more like a meringue and the egg white taste came through which wasn’t terribly pleasant.  I could have (and should have) skipped dessert.  I’m writing this and am still full; the thought of eating anytime soon makes me feel ill.


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