Morning at the Gym, Dinner at Village Whiskey @GarcesGroup

So it’s a good thing that I was in the gym on the elliptical at 6am, because at 7pm, I was enjoying a great Sazerac at the bar at Village Whiskey (118 South 20th Street, Philadelphia) and dinner too.  The wife had the Commodore (Bourbon, lime, Sugar, Orange bitters, Mezc al Rinse) to start and I, the Sazerac as mentioned (rye whiskey, sugar, peychaud bitters, absinthe rinse).  Both first drinks were outstanding, but it was noisy and the bartender had some challenges hearing our orders.  Nonetheless, we had dinner too, the village burger (maine farm raised angus) and the pulled pork…and yes, the duck fat fries too (they’re as good as you think).  We washed our dinner down with an old fashioned [me] (bottle in bond bourbon, house-made bitters, sugar, Lemon) and the wife had the duck rabbit milk stout.  The old fashioned was a bit on the strong side and they used Old Grand Dad instead of the bottle in bond, but still enjoyable.

As I write this, I’m thinking about the fact that I’m still full and that the bourbon is helping me digest.


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