Hamptons #4, Dinner at Canal Cafe & Market

This is the 2nd time I’m writing this as the first post didn’t make it…

We had dinner at what looked like a quintessential hampton bays seafood-er (44 Newtown Road, Hampton Bays, NY): The canal cafe.  We tried all 3 soups and I was the winner with the new england clam chowder.  The shrimp bisque and potato leek were not quite right.  My lobster roll (I was feeling like shellfish) was good, but had a bit too much mayo and not enough lobster for the $22 price tag.  My cousin had the thai red curry mussels which were great.  I could add some noodles to the broth and have soup for dinner from that – and be perfectly happy.

This spot would be great in the summer on their deck in warm weather if they kicked the food up to the standard of the mussels and clam chowder.  The remainder was good, not great, and definitely expensive for what you get, not to mention the paper plates.

They did serve local wines, but for some idiotic reason, I had an unremarkable Chilean Sauvignon Blanc which doesn’t warrant a review.

Next post is #5 on dessert and the best one yet!


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