Dinner at Erawan Philly (well take out anyway)

We were on the way home tonight and did what many couples do when they realize they don’t have dinner prepared yet and are growing hungrier: take-out.  There are at least 3 Thai restaurants within 3 blocks of us and this time, we ordered ahead from Erawan (123 S 23rd St, Phila, PA).  I’ve recently been on a Tom Kha (Coconut Soup) kick and thoroughly enjoyed this offering which I had in the veggie variety.  I find that the coconut milk provides a silky and creaminess without being heavy (or dairy for that matter).  The wife enjoyed the drunken noodles with chicken which at a medium-spice level had more heat than many restaurants’ hot-spice level (note to self on that).  I had the thai-basil chicken which had a good flavor, but I could have used more basil and less red pepper/tomato.  The ever present jasmine rice was a great sponge for the basil-garlic sauce leftover from my dinner.


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