Friday Night Pizza at Slice

Last night, we went to Costco and didn’t feel like spending much more for dinner when we got home and wanted to get something quick since we were famished.  With the exception of the burgers on Wednesday at Noble, we’ve been eating pretty well for a long time.  I must note that I haven’t had pizza for at least 3 months, so this was indeed a special occasion.  We ordered the Americano pizza from Slice (1740 Sansom Street) which is a basic, fresh san marzano sauce with a sprinkling of mozzarella.  They should rename this the perfect pizza because the crust is delicately thin and crisp, sauce light and garden fresh, with just enough cheese that you know it’s there, but not oozing all over you when you eat.  This was most certainly a treat and one that I might not be able to wait another 3 months for again.


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Pizza at Slice

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