Domaine De Vaufuget Vouvray 2008

So, this Vouvray, one of the final bottles from Cork & Jug liquors in the Hamptons was enjoyed tonight.  Vouvray in this case consists of a Chenin Blanc grape can range from crisp to sweet and this one is definitely more towards the sweet end of the spectrum.  I can best describe the flavor profile as that of a green-apple jolly rancher.  I can say this with some level of definitiveness as I made it my job in my early teenage years to try every candy and sweet item produced/sold in my neighborhood drugstore, candy store, and everyone else’s neighborhood too (I have the fillings to prove it).  With that said, this wine drinks very easily with little crispness and paired well with our dinner tonight (BBQ Seitan and Grilled Shitake Mushrooms).  Because it’s less crisp/dry, it can also stand on its own pretty easily and since it’s about $11, trying it isn’t a hard decision.


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