Bob’s Steak & Chop House (Fort Worth, TX), What a Filet!

I went to the Grapevine location of Bob’s while in Fort Worth this past week and enjoyed dinner with a local resident who suggested this spot for a great steak.  Wow, was he right!

Sure, this has the atmosphere of many large chains, but the quality, in my opinion is better.  I generally don’t order a filet in most steakhouses because I want a prime steak and generally, the filets are choice grade due to the lack of marbling present in the steak.  This is not so at Bob’s as all their steak is prime and this afforded me one of the juiciest, buttery filets I’ve ever had.  The Caesar salad was creamy too, the baked potato (loaded of course with fresh bacon, scallions, and sour cream) was delicious, and the side of creamed corn had me screaming for a dose of lipitor after just one bite…but I enjoyed a few more just in case.  Back the the filet, I went for the 12oz selection as the 9oz just didn’t seem right for Texas.  It had a perfect sear on it and I’m a medium-rare kind of guy and this was perfect: warm red center with amazing full flavor throughout.  Their wine list also presented many reasonable choices which helped wash the steak down too.


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