Pork Tenderloin with Mustard Sauce (30 minutes total, easy, healthy)

Just a basic homemade dish with some fresh basil from my ‘garden’.  It’s not much of a garden, more of a rectangular pot with a basil and mint plant in it.  But when you live in the city, it’s a garden.  This is a basic, healthy dish that comes together in 30mins.

Directions:  Heat up a large skillet/pan with a lid with some olive oil and take the pork tenderloin (about a pound) out of the frig and season all over with salt and pepper.  Once the oil is nice and hot (and your exhaust fan is on), add the meat to the pan and brown on all sides, turning frequently.  After each side is browned, turn the heat to med-low and cover for 20mins.  After 20mins, the pork should be at about 150 degrees.  Take it out and rest it on a plate.

Take about 3 tablespoons of brown/deli mustard and 2 tablespoons of dijon and about a half cup of lowfat sour cream and add it to the pan.  If you have it, you can also add 3 leaves of fresh chopped basil (I had it in the ‘garden’) as well.  Do not boil the sauce, but stir to combine.  Slice the pork and add it back to the pan to coat each piece in the sauce mixture…enjoy!


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