Bar Ferdinand: Some of the Best Tapas in Philly

The wife and I went to Bar Ferdinand for dinner last night (1030 N. 2nd Street) and embarrassingly, it was our first visit to the NoLibs hot spot.  This was also my first visit to the piazza at schmidts as well and I’ll surely go back.

The food at Bar Ferdinand is tapas, and one of my favorite ways to eat because you don’t have to decide on just one thing, sharing is encouraged, and it becomes more of an experience than just a meal.  We started with the red sangria which was light and fruity without too much fruit to chew while you drink (that’s a good thing).  The tuna ceviche was fresh with crisp citrus, a hint of smokiness and a nice balance with the daikon it was sitting on.  The chicken empanada was huge, like a tennis ball inside a pastry filled with moist, spiced chicken and the sauce was smooth and flavorful.  Short ribs were braised to pull-apart-with-ease perfection and a larger portion could be a perfect winter dish (cabernet anyone?).  The chicken breast a la plancha was incredibly moist and the brown butter sauce made it even better.  Lastly, the duck confit was outstanding and flavorful not to mention the side of chopped ham and potatoes to ratchet up the fat content for the meal.  All of the portions were generous, especially for tapas.

We finished off our dinner with their homemade churros that were served with a chocolate dipping sauce.  We don’t get dessert as much as we used to, but this one was worth it.  The bottom line on Bar Ferdinand is that in my mind, it’s better than Amada at a much lower ticket price.  I’m already plotting my return visit.


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