Ruinart Rose, Reims NV

We visited the house of Ruinart in Reims, France when we were in Paris last October.  Reims is pronounced ‘Rhance’ for those planning a visit.  It’s a town in the heart of champagne production and Ruinart is the oldest champagne house in France.  The tour took us into the chalk caves and at the end, we enjoyed a few glasses of their wonderful bubbly.  For anyone that doesn’t think they like champagne, this is the one you should try.  This Rose is a creamy, strawberry-vanilla with a crisp finish that stands well on its own, with a risotto, or cheese as well.  Opening it up reminded me of our tour at Ruinart and the wonderful hostess we had there.  On a side note, Ruinart’s new cellarmaster spent time at Schramsberg in Calistoga, CA.  It will be another 10 years before we see the fruits of his labor.  Ruinart isn’t a bargain, but for a special occasion, it fits the bill nicely.


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