Cruise Ship Error in Our Favor – Krug 1995 Brut at a Bargain Price

On our first day of our cruise just 3 weeks ago, we elected to do the wine program on the ship (NCL Jade) which allows you to choose 6 (or more) bottles of wine at a 20% discount.  These wines can be served for room service or at any restaurant/bar on the ship.  We decided to splurge and opted for the Krug Champagne on the menu.  It wasn’t cheap and let’s leave it at that.  So, on the 5th night of the cruise, we had dinner in Le Bistro, the french restaurant on the ship (future post coming on that) and thought the Krug would be a perfect choice to accompany this cuisine.  We expected to receive a NV Krug which would have been a fine bottle I’m sure.  However, when the 1995 vintage arrived and list price on it is more than we paid, I was pretty psyched!  Let’s just say that our price was less than the shelf price and at least half the cost it would have been in a restaurant.  Once I got over that shock and actually tasted it, I didn’t know what do think.  It tasted different than I expected, but was quite enjoyable.  A reviewer from Wine Spectator who gave it a whopping 98 points described it as having a “multi-grain bread” taste and I completely agree.  It sounds odd, but it’s really true.  I’m looking forward to more splurges like this indeed!


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