The Slanted Door: Still Great, and That’s a Good Thing!

Some say that The Slanted Door has lost a step, that Chef Phan isn’t producing the same quality product that earned him his stellar reputation…well, I can say conclusively that those people have to make a return visit to the Slanted Door because my dinner tonight (at the bar) was phenomenal.  I started with the live scallop, black tobiko and cilantro drizzle which just accentuated the fresh flavor of the scallop.  The salt of the tobiko was a great compliment as well.  Next, the heger farm sweet corn and wild dungeness crab soup was light and flavorful in a semi-clear (chicken maybe?) broth.  Corn was truly sweet and the ingredients were treated with respect rather than a rich creamy broth which you might find with other recipes.  For the main, I truly enjoyed the cellophane noodles with dungeness crab (can you have too much crab?…I didn’t think so) and the scallions, and fresh flavors really shined.  If I knew exactly what it was, I’d articulate it, but instead I’ll show you what it looked like about 5mins after it arrived:

Not that I needed it, but I followed that carb-laden dish with the chocolate torte which the bartender described as “chocolate 5 ways” (2 types in the torte, chocolate sorbet, chocolate straws, and a thin cookie with chocolate chips).  It wasn’t terrible…ok, it was really good and paired with the 2001 Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage Port, both really shined. For folks who are skeptical about port, they should try this one.  It’s quite smooth without much of the syrupiness that often comes with many ports.  It also offsets the chocolate in this torte quite well.

This visit fully cements The Slanted Door as a must stop for many future San Fran visits.

As penance for my dinner, I walked back to my hotel after dinner up California street from market to the peak of Nob Hill.  For those unfamiliar with this trek, trust me when I say it’s quite a climb (for a city) and you can see the hill I climbed to get back from dinner and maybe burned off a few calories along the way if you look at California street coming up from Market (last pic – hotel is at the top of that hill).


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