Osteria Philly – Marc Vetri’s Bistro Spot With Amazing Pizza

Last weekend, the wife and I made it to Osteria (640 N Broad St) for dinner.  Beyond the fact that I’m not sure how to pronounce the name of the restaurant; is it os-teria or oster-ia? And,  it’s in a in a somewhat obscure location as many people aren’t going to walk there, but rather have to take a taxi or drive.  Outside of those items, the food is fantastic.  We went to Vetri, the signature restaurant last year and the pasta we had at Osteria was on par with the outstanding product produced at Vetri before.  We started with a bottle of the Laila Verdicchio which is a crisp white that matched our dinner nicely.  The sommelier indicated that the grapes were grown near the coast and there is a briney finish: he was right!  I couldn’t believe my taste buds, but I could pick that up and it was cool.  (Side note is the bottle is $12 retail and is on the wine list for $42 – absurd…and the reason I love BYOBs)

Now, on to the main attraction, we started with the vegetable antipasti which was an assortment of roasted vegetables.  It sounds simple, and it is, but on an ethereal level that can push anyone into loving vegetables.  The dish included roasted brussels sprouts, red peppers, salt roasted golden beets,  briefly grilled cucumbers, and at least one more thing I can’t remember.  What a way to start the meal.

From there, we split two main courses: the Margherita pizza and a cappelletti (pasta) dish.  The Pizza was perfect with a crispy, thin crust,  fresh – almost sweet mozzarella and this homemade tomato sauce that I would put on anything.  The pasta was a small handmade shell filled with prosciutto in a light-sweet-corn broth.  The sweet, salty mix was great.  As if we didn’t have enough corn, we also enjoyed the rustic polenta which was like a corn version of cream of wheat.  I’m pretty neutral on the polenta.

We had a treat for dessert and enjoyed their version of a cannoli which was filled with a gelato like cream that was quite cold and had a coffee / chocolate like taste.  There were 3 mini shells and was a perfect size for dessert.

We were very impressed with the food at Osteria and will certainly return.  It’s at a reasonable price point and makes the Vetri quality food approachable to many more.


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