La Griglietta – Amazing Italian Food…in Rome of Course!

Claudio, our tour guide from Drivers Guide Service (who was wonderful by the way) suggested La Griglietta (Via Germanico, 170 00192 Roma, Italia) which has been in operation for the last 41 years by 2 brothers who run it with pride and love which is evident in the food.  If you’re in Rome anytime, you should stop by and spend as much time as you have enjoying these home made specialites. 

Let me start by saying that I do not generally eat artichockes or like them for that matter, but that all changed in Roma.  They started with a fire roasted jerusalem artichocke which cooked for so long that the outer rings resembled baked potato chips and had the earthy flavor of the soil likely not far from our lunch.

The restaurant was relatively small and when we sat down, the waiter broke off some bread from the drawer in the cabinet to the left here.  He brought us an eggplant crepe – meets pressed lasagne.  I don’t know really what it was beyond perfect, and too small (I could have eaten more).  He also brought peas and pancetta and a variety of croquettes stuffed with fresh mozzerella and other fresh fillings.  Luckily, they left enough space for the feature dish: pasta.  They really know what they’re doing on this front as they brought out homemade gnocchi and spinach ravioli in a pasta that tastes like it was just made when we ordered as it had the consistency that only a fresh noodle can.  The sauce was equally good on the pasta and on every piece of fresh bread I could find to absorb it off the plate.  I don’t think licking a plate in Italy is any more cooth than it is here, but the thought did cross my mind.  If you’re in Rome, make sure you visit La Griglietta and give yourself the afternoon or evening to walk it off.


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