Caffe Casta Diva – Great BYOB in Rittenhouse (One of My Favorites)

Caffe Casta Diva (227 S 20th St) has quickly become one of our favorite BYOBs in the city. The food is always fresh and very enjoyable and it’s one of the few places in the area where you can sit down for dinner at 7:30 and not feel pressured to leave until you are ready.  The portions are well sized and desserts are off the charts – can’t miss Tiramisu and Cannolis.  Last time we were there, we brought the Mika Winery 2004 Sonoma Meritage which was a PLCB chairman’s selection and a steal at $8.50.  The description said it was a $85 bottle (which seems a bit much), but for $8.50, it was solid. Back to the restaurant – I recommend anything they’re serving.  I’ve enjoyed their grilled octopus, fresh pasta, and perfectly prepared fish on the many visits.  Their service is solid, but one of the rare traits is that they don’t bring you a check until you ask for it.  So, if you’re going out with friends and just want to chat, you can show up at 7:30 and not leave until you want to (just bring enough wine to enjoy).  The only challenge for me is that it’s close to my home and easy to go to when we’re looking for a great meal.


One thought on “Caffe Casta Diva – Great BYOB in Rittenhouse (One of My Favorites)

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