Sixty2 on Wharf – Salem, MA – Comfortable, Yet Trendy Eating

Last weekend, the wife and I visited my father in law in Salem, Mass.  He sailed in, we flew in, and congregated in the very interesting town (home of the Salem witch trials) that has not forgotten it’s heritage.  We spotted Sixty2 as we walked up from the harbor and had an impromptu, very enjoyable dinner.  They offer snacks, which are reminiscent of Tapas style sharing foods.  We thoroughly enjoyed the braised pork belly as it was as flavorful as it was tender.  The roasted vegetables served in a jar represented a creative presentation which highlighted the vegetables’ freshness and flavor.  The homemade mortadella was okay, but worth skipping as the other two were outstanding.

I started my ‘official’ meal with the heirloom tomato salad which was served with fresh mozzarella and sea salt.  The salt was essential in bringing out the fresh tomato/cheese combination.  From there, I moved on to the seared scallops which were perfectly cooked, but maybe a little salty to my taste.  They were expertly complimented by a sauteed mushroom, pancetta, and corn ragout which I could eat a bowl of for dinner any day this week.  For anyone coming through Salem, this is a spot that you simply can not miss.


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