Sunday Dinner – Reinvented @MemeRestaurant (for $37!)

I acknowledge that I’m a little behind – this is for dinner from last Sunday night.  For those in the know, Meme (22nd and Spruce) serves a 3 course dinner on Sunday night with wine for $37 (now you know!).  They send the menu out to their email subscribers ( and also post it on their website.  Last Sunday, our dinner consisted of a starter, entree, and dessert.  The 1st starter, or maybe an amuse bouche if you’re in a french spot – grilled bread with a lemon, bean spread.  I just wanted more of it!  The bean spread was light and bread crispy,  what else could you want?

The real starter was a light, fluffy ricotta agnolti with corn and truffles.  If I had a plate 2-3 times the size of this, that would have been enough for my night.  The flavors balanced perfectly with the light pasta, smooth cheese, sweet corn, touch of earthy truffle and just enough salt to bring it all together.  Our main was a prime eye-roast with grilled mushrooms and red potatoes.  It’s an upgrade of the pot-roast we all grew up with.  The meat was prepared perfectly to a mid-rare, yet lacked some of the tenderness we’ve become accustomed to in our designer cuts: Filet, Strip, Rib Eye, etc.  The flavor was solid and the star of the dish were the grilled mushrooms.  I want to use their grill in that method to cook everything from now on!

For dessert, we had the chocolate ganache cake with vanilla gelato.  If you don’t like chocolate, don’t bother with this cake.  However, if you’re like me, you’ll really appreciate this offering.  The cake isn’t really a cake at all – more of a dense and moist brownie/pudding topped with a dense vanilla creamy gelato.  Gelato is a nice change (vs. ice cream) as it’s a little less sweet and creamy, but still equally delightful.

We’re already talking about going in for tomorrow’s (9/26) dinner:

Potato-Chive Gnocchi w/ peas, brown butter, ricotta salata.

Skillet Roasted Duck Breast w/ corn polenta, grilled peaches.

Buttermilk Panna Cotta w/ berries.


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