Cashmere 2008 (Doesn’t sound like a wine, but is) GSM @ClineCellars

Last night, the wife and I took my mom out to dinner to celebrate her birthday.  We brought the 2008 Cline Cashmere, a GSM blend – Grenache, Syrah, and Mouvedre.  This is a silky smooth wine as the name suggests, but with a little spicy kick on the finish.  It’s definitely got a bit of raspberry and stone fruit, but the pepper on the finish is quite noticeable…not very cashmere-like after all, but enjoyable nonetheless.  We visited Cline on our last Sonoma visit and while they’re probably best know for their Old Vine producing Zinfandel (which is very good), this is a good find too.  It’s a relatively balanced wine, so if you’re planning a dinner with someone who isn’t a fan of overly tannic or even dry wine, this is a good pick.


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