Comfort Food from Jones at Home @DiningIn @StarrRestaurant

Last night, the wife and I got home in time to grab a 6 pack at the local deli (2 strongbow ciders, 2 left hand milk stouts, and 2 yards philly pale ales).  We wanted to watch the Phillies game and not fight the bar crowds.  So, we ordered via DiningIn online and had our dinner delivered.  DiningIn has a partnership with StarrRestaurants and we’ve ordered multiple times from Continental Midtown before with success.  Last night was all about the comfort food.  We had thanksgiving dinner, complete with stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and also a meatloaf – also with more mashed potatoes and peas.  As if we didn’t have enough comfort, the baked mac and cheese also called our name.  The turkey dinner was good – turkey was pretty moist and stuffing pretty good, though my Aunt (you know who you are) still makes the best stuffing around.  The meatloaf was flavorful with a bbq/ketchup sweet and spicyness and mashed potatoes were certainly fresh and more fluffy than dense.  The mac and cheese was uber creamy and had that nice crispy crumble top.  It’s been at least a year since I had mac-and-cheese, but this was a treat that was very good and I’m glad that it was just a small side dish as that could have been it for me…I hope my cardiologist doesn’t read this post.

For those in the DiningIn coverage area, their service is really solid and the time they project is usually spot-on.  Food arrives warm, sometimes needs a quick zap in the microwave, but their restaurant selection is pretty good.


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