Tartine Bakery San Fran – Great pastries if you have patience… @onlyinsf

For 5 days around the xmas holiday, my wife and I were in San Francisco with the family eating and drinking our way through the city.  Our hub was split between our hotel on Nob Hill and my sister-in-law’s house in Noe Valley.  It’s fitting that our initial food visit was to the well-reviewed and Tartine Bakery (600 Guerrero St) to pick up some breakfast pastries.  Tartine is an interesting study – they produce wonderful pastries (more on that shortly), but they don’t seem to be focused on efficiency or customer service.  The line stretches down the block (see pic) and I have a feeling that it is almost purposeful to create the aura of something worth waiting for akin to the red velvet rope before getting into a high-end club or bar.  Once we ‘arrived’, the aroma took us over and helped us ignore the waif-like, aloof service.  We were sent to Tartine for multiple items, but told of the wonderful morning buns.  Skipping past everything else and right to the enjoyment, these ‘buns’ are like nothing you’ve had before in a bun-format in the morning.  The hint of orange, chewy, but crunchy pastry and sweet enough dough was perfect, and I mean it.  On a side note, the ham and cheese croissant was heavenly as was the gougere.  These bakers know what they’re doing in the pastry and dough business, but could use some assistance in the customer operations end of things.  They’re certainly in the right place for this business to thrive.


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