My Favorite Philly Cheesesteak: Dalessandro’s (and I’m from Philly)

I feel it is my civic duty as a native Philadelphian to take visitors for their first cheesesteak experience when they come to town.  So, it is for this reason that I put my nutrition on hold while my wife and I took my father-in-law (in from Florida) to Dalessandro’s (600 Wendover St) for his first cheesesteak.  Unlike some of the “original” Philly spots, Dalessandro’s uses a chopped ribeye steak and real cheese.  I’m partial to the pizza steak, which uses provolone and pizza sauce, but whatever your preference is, their flavorful meat and fresh rolls will do the trick.  And, the service is great too – – the people are really nice (I know, shocking for a steak shop).  Under new ownership and better than I even remember it from my youth, Dalessandro’s is the best spot in town.


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