Friday Saturday Sunday: The Quintessential Rittenhouse Spot

Tonight, like many nights before, my wife and I ventured down the street to FridaySaturdaySunday (261 S 21st St, Phila, PA) for dinner.  We started at the tank bar and were happy to procure the corner table on the 2nd floor for dinner.   This is truly one of our favorite spots and one we’ll miss when we depart from our neighborhood.  Nonetheless, we’ll enjoy it (and their $10 over cost wine) in the meantime.  This is a true Philadelphia classic spot and one which is close to our hearts as we celebrated our engagement here with our families and have enjoyed it ever since.  Tonight, like many before, I enjoyed their classic representation of chicken dijon with a not-overly-creamy, but flavorful mustard sauce and my wife had a special of the evening.  This was a true special: a rosemary smoked strip steak served with a gorgonzola shallot butter.  The butter was unnecessary as the steak had a nicely smoked, herbaceous flavor and one that I wouldn’t mess with.  We had a treat and enjoyed their interpretation of a Jewish apple cake which was very moist with cinnamon and the sweetness of powdered sugar.  This is a wonderfully consistent and intimate spot and one of our top 5 favorites in Rittenhouse.


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