Taam-Tov – Great Mediterranean Kosher Eats in NYC – Takes Comfort Food to a New Level

We walked in the door on street level, past the folks trying to get you into their jewelry stores, and admitted that it looks a little shady.  Then, walking up the stairs past small storefronts with diamond workers and wood paneling and I begin to wonder where I’m going (and if my colleague didn’t tell me something).  And then, it’s an oasis of a busy restaurant with a welcoming staff to greet you and a buzz in the room that affirmed my journey…

This is the experience I had last week at Taam-Tov (41 W 47th St, 3rd Fl, between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas) and I was floored at how great it was.  We started with the Lepeshka (the bread in the picture above) which is a wonderful marriage of fresh bread and a bagel with chewy, doughy-ness and a perfect vehicle for the hummus that we ordered with it. Before the meal arrived, I devoured the borsh which is unlike any borsh I’ve had before.  Usually, it’s a cold, somewhat bland beet soup that ends up staining your shirt.  Not so here (though the stain might have been the same if I missed), as this hearty lamb borsh was served hot and topped with cilantro – who came up with that?  The cilantro carried it over the top and really sparked the flavor into overdrive.  I should have called it a day there, but no, the gluttony was not over.

I had the chicken shish-kebab and a heavenly side of kasha.  The chicken was moist and the grill provided flavor that only a grill can.  The kasha stole the show for me as the grains were larger than I’d ever had and topped with a savory gravy.  Any deli can eat their heart out – – they are sooo far off from this perfect rendition of kasha.  As if I wasn’t full enough, we had some schnecken (or ruggalah) which was light, flaky and just enough cinnamon to fill it out.  Amazing food, nice people, and reasonable; what else could you want?


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