Dutton-Goldfield 2008 Sanchietti Vineyard Pinot Noir (Outstanding!)@DuttonGoldfield

On our visit to Sonoma, specifically, our stay in Healdsburg and the surrounding valley, our first stop was at Dutton Goldfield in Sebastopol.  The staff was great and the wine really shines here.  Their Pinot Noir is the star and this Sanchietti was our favorite of the bunch.  It’s a bit floral (think rose garden) on the nose and then it opens up to a black-blueberry roundness without being too fruity.  The thing we really like about the Sonoma Pinots is their lack of earthiness found in many other Pinots (especially those from the “old world”).  I also find Pinots like this to be very food friendly without the ‘risk’ of taking away from that meal you’ve been working on all day.  If you’re lucky enough to find the DG Pinot in a store near you, grab it; if you’re even luckier and your home state allows direct shipping – – order this one and see how patient you can be…


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