Finished the Philly (artisan) Pizza Trifecta: Excellent! @Zavino

My wife and I finally made it to Zavino (112 S 13th St) to complete the artisan pizza triumvirate in Philadelphia comprised (in my mind) of Stella, Osteria, and Zavino.  The space is very cool and somewhat cozy at the same time.  The undulating bar in the “S” shape is unique which is book-ended on one side by a super hot pizza oven and on another by a booth where dried and cured meats are hand sliced for charcuterie plates.

We started with a meat plate which was solid.  If you like a slightly spicy cured meat, go with the Baby Jesus (that’s really the name) which is a pork salami which is served with mini pizza-crust triangles.

This is a pizza and wine bar, so we had both.  The wine servings are generous which is appreciated, however, the glasses are a bit small for the actual pour volume.  My request is that they keep the pour quantity the same and provide larger glasses.  On to the pizza – it’s really wonderful.  The dough is consistently cooked and proportioned for the entire pie which provides some much needed stability.  I like the chewy dough and this didn’t disappoint while the crust was a perfectly crisp shell to keep it all together.  We had the margherita pie which featured a light tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil.  It’s really hard for me to rank this against the others, so I think I’ll schedule a blind tasting party with wine and come back with the results.



One thought on “Finished the Philly (artisan) Pizza Trifecta: Excellent! @Zavino

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