Villa Di Roma: It’s Old School Philly Italian and I Love it!

When a place sticks around for as long as Villa Di Roma (936 South 9th Street), it’s for a reason.  Villa Di Roma is old school and in the best way possible.  My family used to go here after many an Eagles home game for dinner.  It’s been too long, but my wife and I went there last week after I returned from a business trip and it’s exactly as I remembered it.  The server has probably worked there since my last visit and that’s what really brought it home for me…well, the food too.  But it started when we ordered our chianti and she just shouted to the bartender for “two glasses o’ red”.  The bread was fresh and there’s something to be said for a place where the menu is on the wall. I think the items are pretty much the same as always.

My wife ordered their amazing meatballs.  Chef Michael Symon said that the Villa Di Roma meatballs are the best in Philly (and the country for that matter) and he’s so right.  Beyond that, the ravioli and red sauce (gravy) that the meatballs were served with were spot-on.  The red sauce had the right amount of spice and was a perfect consistency.   The ravioli pasta was so soft and fresh as well.  I had the veal piccata which was swimming in a lemon-butter  sauce that I had to use every last bit of restraint from sopping up with the bread.  The veal was fork tender and really hit the spot.  I don’t know why I took so long to go back here and I can promise that it will be months (maybe weeks) until my next visit.  This is really a family place where everyone feels like family.


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