An Ode to Rittenhouse Square…and some great spots @PureFare @rotisseurphilly

I can’t believe it, but I’m now an official suburbanite. As of yesterday, I am no longer a Philadelphia resident, but I feel remiss to leave without writing about 2 of my recent favorites in my old ‘hood.  While I’m sure I’ll find some favorites in my new area, these will be hard to replace.

First, Pure Fare, a great coffee and food spot with great, healthy foods gave me cravings that I didn’t know existed: quinoa skillet bread, sweet potato brownies, and spinach coconut shakes to name a few.  They also serve the amazing blue bottle coffee from San Francisco to boot.  The people are wonderful and I will miss them and their food.  Hopefully, I can talk them into sharing a few recipes…

On to Rotisseur – if you like local, fresh, juicy rotisserie chicken with home-made flavorful side dishes, then get yourself to Rotisseur where they know what they’re doing.  It makes for a very reasonable dinner where 2 can eat a feast for $21.  They make chicken so well that I wonder why I ever tried to make it myself when I lived in town.  Their sides, from mac-and-cheese to olive oil roasted potatoes were perfectly seasoned and prepared.  I tried to talk them into opening up a suburban branch on my most recent visit.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Needless to say, I’m only 15 minutes away and  will most certainly return as I live to eat…and everyone knows that Philly is the place for great eats.


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