Oak Ridge Winery Ancient Vines Zinfandel 2008 – – A chill Zin! + Poppi’s Pizza = A Good Dinner

Last night, we ordered delivery from Poppi’s Pizza and opened up this Oak Ridge Zinfandel.  It’s been a crazy couple weeks since we picked up our puppy on 12/31.  We’ve been so busy with her that we haven’t had the chance to enjoy our wine or look for pizza in our new area.  This all changed on Saturday as we really enjoyed the thin crust pizza from Poppi’s and this Zin too. The pizza crust reminds me of Slice which was our favorite spot when we lived in center city.  At Poppi’s the dough isn’t quite as crisp, but the crust is.  Also, on the plain pizza, the sauce to cheese ratio is just right.  Their salads are a cut above the regular pizza place salads too with a spring mix of lettuce and pitted olives.  You’d think everyone would serve their olives in salads pitted, but my molars can tell you differently.

On a side note, if you’d like to see my puppy, I’ve created a blog for her too – her name is Macie and she’s a bernedoodle.

This wine is a chill zin – – I don’t mean that it’s a good wine when you are chilling out, which it is, but that it’s not an in-your-face bold, spicy wine.  Rather, it’s jammy, like mixed berry jelly and just a bit of oak to balance it out.  If you find some zins to be too powerful for you, I think you might like this.  Cheers.


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