Schweiger Vineyards Dedication 2004 Napa Red – It’s Deep…and Balanced @SchweigerWine

We bought the Schweiger Dedication on a visit to Napa a few years ago.  We knew when we tasted it in their cellar that it was very special and we’d need a good excuse to open it up at home.  Well, after many years of sitting around and waiting for “something special”, we decided that a saturday night at home with braised short ribs, mashed celery root and a happy puppy was perfect.

So, the wine was great.  It’s big indeed – lots of spring mountain fruit comes through, but not in an ‘in your face’ jammy-ness where one berry note comes through loud and clear.  No, over the years, this has mellowed into a truly balanced, and very powerful deep red wine.  I thought it went perfectly with our dinner and didn’t overpower the food, which can sometimes happen with big Napa reds.  I’ll now need to revisit Schweiger and create a new occasion to dedicate…


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