Columbia Crest 2005 Reserve Cab Revisited – WOW! WS #1 in 2009 – @columbiacrest @WineSpectator

I went on an exhaustive search a couple years ago when this wine was awarded No. 1 Wine in the World for 2009 by Wine Spectator.

I located and secured the last 8 bottles in the state of Pennsylvania and kept 4 for myself (initial post here) and shared the others with some friends.  While it was hard, we let this one lay down for a couple years in hopes that we’d enjoy it with a hint of “age” on it.

I’ve found that we’re generally happy with the way Washington and California wines are drinking when they are bottled rather than after they have been “laid down” for a few years.  So, maybe that means I’m not the extreme oenophile or just that I like a less restrained wine than those that are completely rested.

Either way, this Columbia Crest Reserve Cab stood up nicely to its hibernation in my wine frig.  If I had to give it one flavor combination, I’d go with one of my favorite sodas: Cherry Cola.  This wine was just phenomenal.  I’d like to start buying a few of each vintage to see how they stand up and how they change year to year.  This is a great value for the quality delivered and extremely consistent.


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