In Riva – What a Great Addition to the Neighborhood! @InRivaEastFalls

I grew up in the Philly burbs, the main line to be specific and there is a well known dearth of good food in the area.  It’s really unfortunate that we usually have to go to Center City for a solid meal.  Manayunk used to be an outlet and there are still some solid spots there, but it’s nice to have something else close by that serves top-notch cuisine (at reasonable prices too).

It’s been a few weeks since our visit to iN RiVA, but I can still picture that amazing, bright green pea soup with the garlic foam.  It had the sweetness of peas just picked from the orchard and the balance of roasted garlic in the foam.  The pea soup I grew up with was a muddy green (no offense Mom) and lacked the brightness and depth this soup harnessed.  It was truly a gem.

The rest of our meal, from the char-oven-roasted octopus to the chewy and yet still crispy pizza were a wonderful blur.  All I can say is go, and go soon, before getting a reservation is just downright challenging.


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