Rittenhouse Square: Great Place for Lunch With the Puppy! @StarrRestaurant

Macie the Bernedoodle hanging at Parc Restaurant Philadelphia

Yesterday was the day for Macie, our Bernedoodle puppy and me to hang out in center city Philadelphia.  When we lived in Rittenhouse, my wife and I didn’t have the puppy, so I’m trying to still get the experience and it’s been a lot of fun.  Yesterday, we walked around the city and landed at Parc, a French bistro in the heart of Philadelphia.  I’ve been to Parc many times in the past, but this was a different kind of visit.  I was there as a single diner with a dog and was well taken care of.  We sat outside and Macie got a bowl full of water at the same time that I received my water.  Her bowl was maintained with the same swiftness and care as my own.

I could live on the bread a butter at Parc – richly creamery butter with chewy yet crispy bread – – that limited my dessert appetite for sure.  For lunch, I enjoyed the Country Chicken Club which was nicely balanced between the avocado and bacon.  If you’re a french-fry fan, or rather pommes frites, theirs are thin with light salt and crispy.  Really a great experience and I look forward to going back with Macie again soon.


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