Innovative, Pushing the Boundaries – that’s a dining experience @SBRAGA_dining @ksbraga (more fun than the French Laundry?)

You know that you’re in for a fun and innovative dining experience when you start at the bar with a Manhattan-like beverage that has bacon on the rim (and maple in the drink)!

I went to the well reviewed, famous French Laundry just 2 weeks before this dinner at Sbraga and honestly, I left Sbraga feeling more “wowed” than the veritable Thomas Keller institution.  They really do push the limits on every course – some with truly amazing results.  The Foie Gras soup was more inventive and innovative than anything I had at the ‘Laundry’.  While Foie can be overpoweringly rich and decadent, this had a balance of acid, salt, spice/heat, and even a little crunch to round it out; if licking the bowl were appropriate, I would have done just that!

For me, the other notables included the lamb, which had a bit of a shredded/braised texture to it and combined with the corn porridge was just a great change-up on a basic dish.  The dessert labeled as a “peanut butter cup” was super cool as it came out in a hot dish that caused it to really be more of a chocolate peanut bisque, if there is such a thing.  My wife had the birthday cake crumble which included her very own candle: how fun!

It’s odd to imagine that you’d equate this level of fun food with value, but at a prix fixe of $49, it’s really a steal (but Kevin, don’t raise the prices).  An added bonus is a four course beverage pairing (some are beer or mixed drinks, wine, and dessert wine) for $35 which takes it to the next level.  Notably, the tawny port matched with the PB cup was a winner.

I’m looking forward to a prompt return and will definitely do the chef’s counter next time – that menu looks great every time I look.


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