2008 Honig Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, Delicious! @HonigWine

This Napa Valley Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc is a dessert in itself and a wonderful offering from the great folks at Honig.  It’s a sticky blend of apple and honey with a lemony finish and believe it or not, a hint of….green tea?  I really enjoy dessert wines and this is now at the top of my list.


2008 Belmuscato Dessert Wine @Whitehalllane

Every time we’ve been to Napa, we’ve stopped in to Whitehall Lane and when we do, we often pick up that year’s Belmuscato.  This is a white dessert wine that really smells like Peaches when you open it up and it stays sweet, but not too sweet throughout.  Great by itself or with cheese.

It’s higher in alcohol (15%) and is quite sweet, so take it easy, but it’s just so good (and reasonable too).  Dessert wines are usually very pricey and for this quality, $18 is a steal.  I’ll keep up the tradition and get another bottle on our next trip.

Hamptons #5: Dessert and Port, What a Way to Wrap Up a Day in The Hamptons

Dessert was sourced from Napa and Philadelphia: Naked Chocolate (31 S 18th St) in Philly and Milat Wine Company from our last visit to the Napa Valley.  It’s a wonder that I left Naked Chocolate with just a box-o-chocolates as their selection is wonderful.  I ended up with a box of 16 filled chocolates (8 dark w/ dark, 4 dark w/ walnut chocolate, 4 dark w/ vanilla chocolate) for $14 and the intention of having it with the port.  The port was from one of the cutest and easiest to miss vineyards in Napa.  Milat is a small family owned vineyard where you get the chance to talk to the farmers who own the land and cultivate the grapes.  We met the husband and wife team that own the winery and learned so much about the history of both the land and also the valley.  We bought their Zivio port (more on that in a few) and their 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon which is resting gently in our wine frig.  They are next to Corison Cellars on rt. 29 and finding places like this makes each trip to Napa worthwhile.

The Zivio is a very easy drinking port.  Most port has a syrupy consistency due both to the fortification (brandy) and the fact that it sits so long that much of the water evaporates.  In this case, the Zivio has a lighter viscosity and therefore a lighter mouth feel.  Be careful though, it’s still  20% alcohol.  This is a Zinfandel based port as the name might suggest and  has the upfront jamminess from the Zin and sweet cherry too.  The chocolate proved its worth and complimented the Port nicely.  If you think you might (not) like port and want to try it on, this is a great way to start; it’s also a great excuse to visit Napa!