Chappellet Signature Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 – Gave me the juice to blog again (thanks) @chappellet_wine


I’ve been a little busy and while I can assure you that I’ve had a fair amount of wine,  I apologize to the 18 people that might read this post as I’ve been a very bad blogger – – but I miss it and I’m going to start writing more, really!

So, this 2007 Chappellet Cab really triggers some great memories and not just because it’s Napa (although that’s a good reason too).  The 2007 vintage was one of the great vintages of my wine-lifetime and I was privileged to have tasted my way through the Napa Valley as the 2007 bottles were released.  This was also our first visit to Chappellet and I won’t go back to Napa without stopping there, sitting at their gorgeous table and enjoying whatever they are pouring that day.

The funny thing about these “great vintages” is that we’re almost programmed to sit on a ‘special’ bottle until it’s a special occasion that warrants a splurge.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not terribly patient and usually don’t let the really good wines ‘lay down’ for too long as I’m never sure how they’ll taste after all that time.

The moment of truth for this 2007 Chappellet Cab was last night and it was indeed glorious.  This not only stood up to the test of time, but may have…improved?  Sure, it was a giant Cab with all the fruit you’d expect from Pritchard Hill, but it had a structure to it as well that provided a unique balance which is often missed in the many fruit forward wines from a variety of California (and other) AVAs.  After some time in the decanter, I found some violet in the nose, followed by an uber-smooth plum vanilla through the palate.  Cheers to the crew at Chappellet!


Chappellet Signature Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2006: “It’s Just Great” @Chappellet_wine

We bought this great Cab when we visited Chappellet’s gorgeous winery and vineyard a few years ago.  We went with a close friend who was making her initial pilgrimage to the Napa Valley…I think she’s ready to join the “wine country” cult.

This wine was just phenomenal, and not because Wine Spectator told us that it was.  It’s a very full bodied wine – – what that means exactly, I can’t articulate beyond the description that my taste buds were overwhelmed by berry and smooth vanilla without the overpowering fruit bomb of many Napa Cabs.  This lives up to the reviews and I look forward to visiting Chappellet this year during crush to pick up some of their new offering.

@Chappellet_Wine 2005 Syrah – Takes Me Back to Pritchard Hill

Rather than my traditional inclusion of the wine label, I’m instead including a picture of the inside of the facility at Chappellet on Pritchard Hill in the Napa Valley.  This serene location with the natural light shining in was magnificent.  Opening up the 2005 Syrah with a good friend last night, we were all transported back to our visit to Chappellet 2 years ago (it’s worth a visit).  The Syrah was more of a traditional Rhone varietal with some ground pepper notes holding up the fruit – translation is that it’s not a fruity exhibition, but rather a more balanced, restrained presentation that we enjoyed.