Two Recent Favorites from Trader Joe’s

We’ve had some late nights over the last few months and Trader Joe’s has been major league clutch.  For dinner, in the frozen section, we found the duo of quinoa.  This vegetarian product combines red and white quinoa and some veggies with a low sodium, yet very flavorful spice combination.  Just add water to the pot, add the bag of goodies and cook for 7 minutes.  I like to add a browned low-fat meat like organic ground turkey or beef to increase the protein level.

On the breakfast front is my new favorite – the apple smoked (what is apple smoked exactly?  It seems like a marketing gimmick), thick-cut, nitrate free bacon.  I recently started baking this rather than pan-frying it and found that it holds the flavor better and is less fatty.  Set the oven to 375 and (if you have a convection oven use the convection setting) cook for 10 minutes, flip the bacon, and cook for another 5-7.  Take it out and drain on a plate/paper towel as you would normally.